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Takes place only in the summer semester

Analog and Digital Circuits - German Title: Analoge und Digitale Schaltungen (ADS)

Study Programs

Compulsory course for Bachelor EE IT, and in the module Advanced Electrical Engineering I of Master EE, Elective course for Industrial Engineering and Management Electrical Engineering in the module Elective course Communication Systems

Learning outcomes / competencies:

Students master basic knowledge in analog and digital circuit technology. They know simple basic circuits and the principle and function of analog circuits. They are familiar with the structure and function of digital circuits. The ability to analyze complex systems is acquired.


In the first part of the lecture operational amplifiers as integrated analog circuits are discussed in detail and their possible applications are presented. Further important integrated circuits are the A/D and D/A converters, which are used as interface components between the analog and the digital world. In the second part of the lecture digital circuits are treated, whereby first simple basic circuits, such as counters, shift registers and multiplexers are introduced. These form the basis for complex, integrated digital circuits. This includes in particular memory devices and programmable logic devices, which will be discussed afterwards.

Learning objective:

You will learn the basics of the most important analog and digital circuits of modern electronics. The lecture provides you with the understanding, analysis and design of basic operational amplifier circuits and integrated digital circuits like logic gates, flip-flops, state-machines, memory and FPGAs. After successful completion you will have the basic know-how for working in the field of analog and digital circuit design.

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