Keynote at the first edition of the 6G Wireless Foundations Forum (6GWFF)

01.07.2021|11:00 Uhr


Ⓒ ihct - Hans M. Keller

Prof. Ullrich Pfeiffer, head of the institute for high frequency and communication technology, helds online a keynote talk tomorrow on Jul., 2nd 2021.

The 6GWFF will be a single track workshop emphasizing the challenges arising from emerging demands and use cases within the realm of wireless networking in the context of post 5G networks.

The workshop will be a premier event focusing on the fundamental and scientific design paradigms for 6G networks, with topics ranging from information processing methods at large (optimization, machine learning, signal processing etc) to communication technologies (x-MIMO, metasurfaces, THz communications), to vertical industrial use cases (industry 4.0, ITS, cyberphysical systems, connected society, etc.).

The program will feature lectures from leading researchers in the 6G area and panel speakers representing academic and industrial perspectives.

The 6GWFF will take place as a fully virtual event from July 1st to 2nd, 2021. Here is the link to all keynote speakers.

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