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Takes place only in the summer semester

Integrated Circuits on Communication technology - German Title: Integrierte Hochfrequenz-Schaltungen in der Kommunikationstechnik (ICC)

Study programs:

Mandatory course for Bachelor EE IT, and in the module Advanced Electrical Engineering I of the Master EE, Elective course for Industrial Engineering and Management Electrical Engineering in the module Elective course Communication Systems

  • Module number: FBE0138

Learning outcomes / Competencies:

Students learn the analysis and design of integrated circuits on chip level. In particular, the implementation of high-frequency systems in communication technology.

Students are competent in the properties of wave propagation and the behavior of high-frequency circuits with concentrated and distributed components. Students acquire the ability of mathematical modeling. The course imparts basic knowledge of high frequency technology.


Review of MOS and BJT technologies for high-speed applications, FET small-signal model, important deviceparameters, transconductance, unity-gain-frequency, bipolar small-signal model, bipolar unity-gain-frequency, high-speed amplifiers and two-port design, RLC-networks, Q-factors, tuned amplifiers, general properties of two-port networks, two-port networks, S Y H G parameters, input/output Admittance of two-ports, series feedback,course work introduction, power gain definitions, stability, k-factor, circuit design project description, simulta-neous conjugated match, maximum power gain definitions, Cadence software introduction, impedance matchingnetworks, L-Sections, T-Sections, Pi-Sections, harmonic distortion, project work, inter-modulation distortion, dis-tortion, HD2, HD3, THD, IM2, IM3, IP2, IP3, P1dB, BJT example, electronic noise, Johnson-noise, Spot-Noise,available-noise power, Shot-noise, BJT/FET equivalent noise model, SNR, noise-figure, noise-factor, NF, BJTnoise sources, optimum source resistance, Fmin, BJT NF, noise correlation, FET noise figure, design of LNA,mixer, image problem/rejection, direct conversion, I/Q-modulators.

Learning objective:

You will learn how to design custom high frequency circuits based on today's advanced semiconductor technologies (SiGe HBTs and CMOS) available in semiconductor fabs such as ST Microelectronics, Infineon GmbH, GobalFoundries and IHP. The lecture covers basic knowledge in circuit design for radio frequencies as well as practical exercises with customer specific IC design software (Cadence). After successful completion you will have good opportunities to work in the field of high frequency electronics, integrated circuit design.

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Event location

10:00am - 12:00 pm, FE 00.01

12:00 - 2pm, FE 00.01


Consulting hour
Fridays, 2pm  - 3pm

Apr 11th, 2023

Prof. Pfeiffer

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