Takes place only in the winter semester

Basics of High Frequency Technology - German Title: Grundlagen der Hochfrequenztechnik (GHF)

Study programs:

Mandatory course for Bachelor EE IT, and in the module Advanced Electrical Engineering I of the Master EE, Elective course for Industrial Engineering and Management Electrical Engineering in the module Elective course Communication Systems

  • Module number: FBE0082

Learning outcomes / competencies:

Successful participation in the modules Mathematics A, B, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I,II and Signals and Systems is recommended.

The students have the competence about properties of wave propagation and the behaviour of high frequency circuits with concentrated and distributed components. Students acquire the ability of mathematical modeling. The course imparts basic knowledge of high frequency technology.


Line DGL, solutions (lossless, arbitrary time-dependent, lossy), line termination, VSWR, line DGL, modeling RF circuits, Smith chart, reflection factor and impedance transformation along lossless lines, designs and properties of lines for RF circuits, microstrip line, skin depth, S-parameters (two-port, passivity, reciprocity, matching)

Learning objective:

You will learn the basics of electromagnetic wave propagation in guided structures (coaxial lines, waveguides, etc.) You will gain a basic understanding of quadripoles and the skills to design impedance matching. After successful completion you will have good opportunities in the areas of: high-frequency electronics, wired / wireless communication and design of integrated circuits.

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