Optical laboratory

The optics laboratory at IHCT comprises of state-of-the-art equipment for testing with

  1. high-power THz equipment from 100 GHz – 1.1 THz
  2. Optoelectronic equipment permitting mixed (optics-THz) characterizations involving:
    1. Ultra-stable mode-locked femtosecond pulse generator
    2. Laser beat generators with difference frequency of 10 GHz – 2.7 THz with high-power low phase-noise laser sources at
      • Visible wavelength (450nm)
      • Near infrared wavelengths (780nm and 1.5µm)
    3. Ultra-stable optical reference (1.5 µm)
    4. Thermal blackbody source

The facilities include dedicated optical benches to perform from free-space characterization of the single pixel to highly integrated MIMO THz components. The equipment is equipped with automated robot arms and computational facilities for carrying out state-of-the-art hyperspectral THz imaging and spectroscopy.

Also included is a probe station containing optical fiber coupled arms along with THz probes for electronic-photonic on-wafer testing of the THz components.

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