6G Communication Lab

6G Communication Lab is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment which allows testing of multi-channel high-speed wireless systems operating at very high carrier frequencies. Its major components include the following:

  1. A set of 6 Arbitrary-waveform generators (AWGs) that can be synchronized with the AWG Synchronization Hub. Each of the units supports
    1. 10 bits of vertical resolution at a sample rate of 50 GS/s to handle higher-order complex modulation formats
    2. Direct generation of wideband signals with carriers up to 20 GHz
    3. Waveform memory of up to 32 GSamples to create long waveforms scenarios
  2. A set of 6 oscilloscopes providing ultra-high bandwidth real time signal acquisition and analysis with a dedicated software. Each of the units can be configured to operate with 70 GHz analog bandwidth and 200 GS/s, or equivalently with 2x 33 GHz analog bandwidth and 2 x 100 GS/s.
  3. A set of 40 GHz low phase-noise frequency signal generators with a total number of channels of 8. The channels can be made phase-coherent with a programmable high-resolution phase difference in-between.
  4. A rich set of an auxiliary test equipment for driving, conditioning, and processing of the high-speed signals baseband signals with an analog bandwidth of 26 GHz.
  5. 6G Communication Lab is closely linked with RF Electronic Lab which facilitates small-signal and large-signal RF characterization of the in-house developed wireless transceivers; both on-wafer and in free-space.

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