German Research Foundation (DFG)

DFG Core Center
Support Code: DFG INST 218/89-1

Project Initiator:

University of Wuppertal

Contact person:
Pfeiffer, Ullrich, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
High Frequency Systems in Communications Technology / Terahertz-Technology, Automotive Radar Systems

Project Objectives:

With the global commercialization of the 5G wireless communication technology in process, researchers worldwide form up to define visions and technology directions for the next generation of wireless connectivity.  6G technology is sought to reinforce societal megatrends in the 2030s, supporting a systemic shift to a sustainable economy and transforming human/machine interaction for improving quality of life and productivity.

The 6G wireless systems core center is designed to enable long-term regional and international research and industry collaborations. Core centers have dedicated personnel, equipment and space and enable professional use of related resources for collaborating researchers and technology innovators.


Project duration:
November 2022  - October 2027

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Core center, 6G/THz high-speed systems, 6Gcore

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