Takes place only in the summer semester

High Frequency Systems - German Title: Hochfrequenzsysteme (HFS)

Study Programs:

Compulsory course for Bachelor EE IT, and in the module Advanced Electrical Engineering I of the Master EE, elective course for Industrial Engineering and Management Electrical Engineering in the module elective course Communication Systems

  • Module number: FBE0081

Learning outcomes / Competencies:

Students will gain an understanding of how to use basic system components for the purpose of data transmission at higher frequencies. Students learn to characterize, dimension and build high-frequency systems.


Subsystems of RF technology, frequency conversion, signal generation, noise in RF systems, effective noise temperature, cascade formula, nonlinearities, gain compression, intermodulation products, IP3, filtering and signal conversion, limits of analog filters, analog frequency conversion in mixers, Mirror frequency problems, A-D conversion, RF signal generation, oscillators, synthesizers, architectures of RF receivers, transmitters and repeaters, antennas, link budget, heterodyne and homodyne receivers, analog and digital channel selection, software radio, radio channels, multiple access and duplexing.

Learning objective:

Our future society is driven by unlimited, ubiquitous wireless connectivity. On the building block level you will learn the basics of such high frequency systems. High-frequency signal amplification and nonlinear effects are of utmost importance. After successful completion you will have good opportunities to work in the areas of: wireless connectivity, high frequency electronics, communication.

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Event location

08:00am - 12:00 pm, FE 00.01


Consulting hour
Fridays, 2pm  - 3pm

Apr 08th, 2024, at 10:15am

Prof. Pfeiffer

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